Rural cottage in Alcoleja

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Information of the owner

Beatriz Bernabeu Catalá

Beatriz your landlady says: La Llar d’Aitana was the home of my parents and the home of the parents of my parents, it is where I was born I grew up. As other families, mine emigrated from the countryside to the city, it was a shock with the word of the village that I never assumed completely. So, the house, used only as a summer refuge, was falling into an unavoidable disuse.

I always had my dream to return to the house. As many times I brought my friends to visit my village they always praised the beauty of the place, I knew that once I had recuperated the house, I shared with others. Once I got a good professional position, I decided to start my dream. 

I set out the job of restoring the house, trying to exploit all its possibilities. When I had to choose the professionals for doing the job, I realized the difficulties it has, because mostly of them suggested to demolish and build a new house, it that case the house should loose its charm. The fact of finding an architech like Susana and a master builder like Juan Lu with the sensitivity for this kind of projects, as well as the help of my good friend Vicente, an excellent decorator, it was decisive factor for creating environments that joning at the same time fidelity with the tradition, beauty and confort. 

Now… I can share my work with you. The rest is the village and its environment.