Rural cottage in Alcoleja

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Rural cottage services

  Rural cottage ideal for families with children or groups of friends, both because it has room for up to 14 people + 2 cradles, (or apply special prices if you use less rooms), and due to the great peace that reigns in the little village of Alcoleja ( Alicante).


  This rural cottage in Alicante has a rustic jacuzzi where you can relax. It works as a little swimming pool and during the night it has optical fiber lights. During the summer the water is heated through solar energy and therefore we do not charge any additional fees. In winter the water from the mountains is very cold and therefore we do not recommend its usage, due to the high energetic consumption needed to heat the water (70 € per day).


  La Llar d'Aitana has Wi-fi


  Pets are admitted. This rural cottage admits dogs. In order to facilitate your trip our rural cottage admits pets. However we do not offer special services for them since we assume that during your stay the animal shall lead its normal life, that is to say, it shall stay with its owner, so you must bring its blanket, everything you use for it to sleep and its food. It can stay with you inside the cottage. We do not charge any additional fees for your dog or other pets. We consider them our guests.


We recommend two possible bicycle touring routes:

  1. Alcoleja- Jardín de Santos (Saints’ Garden) Penáguila. 3 Km. Minimum difficulty.

  2. Alcoleja- Moli del SALT (Waterfall mill), Benilloba. 10 Km. Medium difficulty.

  3. BTT Guide El Comtat. Download BTT route